The weekend is here! Tomorrow I am heading back up to my home town to visit a very good friend of mine, Sophie. I am hoping we have time to get creative - she has a studio in a shed in the back garden which I am dying to photograph! 
Sophie is super talented, she makes lovely intricate books and is brilliant at creating and developing characters. She is currently exploring her art further focusing on photography and is showing her work in Sheffield. She also has a number of residencies and exhibitions under her belt, she is one talented lady. 
Check her work out here 



Back in August we had the pleasure of seeing two of our lovely friends tie the knot, it was such a beautiful day with lots of laughter. I took my camera along but to be honest wasn't 100% pleased with the pictures I got. I think this was due to a mix of reasons - my camera was fairly new and I hadn't used it in a 'pressured' environment and also I think being a guest and trying to get relaxed shots of the whole day is fairly difficult when catching up with old friends - and Steven was the best man so there was added pressure!
I finally got round to editing them and then stared at them for farrrr too long and now I can't tell if I like them or not.

Any feedback would be more then welcome!



The photographs on the blog lingered upon. Clean and clear photographs are just lovely.

This photography book by Florian van Roekel. I'm not so sure about his use of flash but images taken in the work place always interest me.

This confetti tumbler tutorial I found on Pinterest

And how could I not mention the return of Downton!



Here's last week in iPhone snaps…

1. Sunday, Rebecca Ferguson at the itunes Festival in Camden, so boring. Seriously.

2. Tuesday, our favourite chip shop, I couldn't take a pic of the size of the tray I got for fear of my arm breaking.

3. Chips followed by Best Coast at Borderline, amazing.

4. Thursday, the best fast food place in Brighton. Everything they do can be made vegetarian and the burgers are yummy.

5. Burger followed by Latterman at Green Door Store. Driving to and from Brighton in an evening is pretty painful.

6. Saturday, the beautiful conservatory at the Horniman Museum.

7. Saturday, Dulwich Picture Gallery.

8. Saturday evening pub grub. I know you are judging me on the amount of chips I have eaten this week.

9. Sunday, a very wet and windy day needs a very cheesy pasta bake.

In a nutshell I ate a lot of carbohydrates and went to a few gigs. You can follow me on Instagram @jocrawford if you would like to see more potato based foods



I just want to share a few snaps from Saturday, we had some family visiting for a couple of days which I always enjoy as it actually makes us leave the house and we often do something that we haven't done before.

We headed up to North Cross Road in East Dulwich which is only about 15 mins walk from our house. We walked around some shops and came across a little magical vintage cave (hidden shop round the corner) which was lovely but quite pricey.

North Cross Road holds a lovely little market on a Saturday selling all kinds of food and crafty pieces. I had a vegetarian taco from Ambriento who serve from a 1950s taco truck which was SO SO GOOD. Seriously, it was amazing. It may look a little like sick but the flavours were definitely far from sick.

Ever since we have lived in Peckham (18 months) I have been meaning to visit the Horniman Museum, it is only a short bus ride away and have heard some great things about it. So after the yummy food we took a trip here and we were all surprised how lovely this small museum really is. They are currently working on an animal section which currently has Pygmy goats but looks like they are putting a lot of work in updating the grounds. The gardens are really beautiful but the view looking out to central London is really what sets it apart. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you go, especially with a picnic!

We finished the day with a short trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery which is a fascinating little place but unfortunately we didn't have long to look around before they closed. They were also setting up for a wedding reception, what a great location!



I really love using Pinterest, I find it so useful to have a single place to store all the good ideas I have found on the million blogs I read. I also love seeing what my friends are pinning, I feel like I know what they are currently interested in with what they are pinning which is nice seen as though I live fairly far away from most of them.
However, I did realise that bizarrely I don't look back at what I have pinned onto my boards. When I first got Pinterest way back in January I made one of the first things I pinned, a cute little white collar. I wore in non stop for a week and was so proud of my new skill. I don't think I've actually made anything since then though so I have decided to make it a new goal of mine to make 4 things I have pinned. I know 4 isn't a lot but it is realistic, I certainly don't want it to feel like a chore.
So here are the things I am hoping to make SOON;

First up is this no-knead pizza from Joy the Baker. I LOVE pizza, it looks so simple to make and choosing the toppings is certainly the best part. I think when I next have a Saturday to myself (a couple of weekends away yet) I will be making and fully enjoying this pizza.

                                                                Picture taken from Joy the Baker

The other day this lovely looking malt milkshake appeared in my blog reader and I have been craving one ever since. Although I won't be able to use Askinosie chocolate I will be getting a good quality bar and saving it for the night when a biscuit just won't be enough.

                                                          Picture taken from A Beautiful Mess

I seem to send quite a lot of post to friends and family, mainly just birthday cards but I'm sure these cute envelopes will spur me on to write a letter.

                                                            Picture taken from Design and Nonsense

Aaaand finally, I have been meaning to try stitching on card for a long time but haven't got round to it. Jenny from Sublime Stitching always has the best ideas and her hand writing is perfect! Maybe I could mix the embroidered card with the handmade envelope to post off. Genius.

If you would like, you can follow me on Pinterest here



I went to see Best Coast last night, they were so so good. I loved every minute of it.
I didn't take any snaps but I felt I had to put this video up, the title of the song may suggest why!



This weekend gone saw London host the Renegade Craft Fair held in The Old Truman Brewery, once home to London's largest um... brewery!
I don't often venture East due to too many hipsters making me feel terribly uncool but I couldn't miss the chance of seeing what good craft London has to offer.
Although I didn't get any pictures of the fair in motion, I have included a selection of makers who really caught my eye.

Sean Mort makes really amazing posters, his work caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I love his use of colour, soft but noticeable and the fun side to his band posters. Here are a couple on my wish list;

                                                Pictures taken from seanmortprintshop.co.ukThese cards by Lovely Jojo's made me laugh to myself. I found a few of them match some silly in-jokes we have in our house, especially the sausage one! Minds out of the gutter please!
                                                          Pictures taken from lovelyjojos.comI have been a follower of Ladybird Likes' blog for some time now so it was nice to see some of her work in real life, as opposed to the Internet I mean. I had my eyes on a few of her pieces and I couldn't decide which one. I loved the sweet typewriter necklaces and the butterfly necklaces but in the end I settled on a set of stickers as a gift for a belated birthday present which I have photographed below. Look how nice the packaging is too, it really is the small details that count. I think I will be making another purchase some time soon!



Jam packed weekend which started off with going to see the Paralympics at the Olympic stadium on Friday night

We had beautiful weather on Saturday so we headed to Ruskin Park to sun bathe and finish off some sewing 

This was then followed by a lazy dinner of pesto spaghetti and admiring the lovely colours of the summer night sky 
On Sunday, we headed up to Sheffield on train to celebrate my cousins baby's naming day. Such a lovely day



Thursday night pub tea with obligatory posing infront of nice wall pics!



Here are a few more pics from our little adventure to Cornwall where we stayed in a caravan with my family for four nights. For a typical British summer holiday, it chucked it down for the majority of our stay but we didn't let that stop us exploring!

Looking fresh faced in the car after getting up at half 4! 

Minack Theatre - an outdoor theatre with beautiful views

    My first Cornish pasty, ever! I have to say that ended up eating one everyday
Saturday nights in Cornwall

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