I really love using Pinterest, I find it so useful to have a single place to store all the good ideas I have found on the million blogs I read. I also love seeing what my friends are pinning, I feel like I know what they are currently interested in with what they are pinning which is nice seen as though I live fairly far away from most of them.
However, I did realise that bizarrely I don't look back at what I have pinned onto my boards. When I first got Pinterest way back in January I made one of the first things I pinned, a cute little white collar. I wore in non stop for a week and was so proud of my new skill. I don't think I've actually made anything since then though so I have decided to make it a new goal of mine to make 4 things I have pinned. I know 4 isn't a lot but it is realistic, I certainly don't want it to feel like a chore.
So here are the things I am hoping to make SOON;

First up is this no-knead pizza from Joy the Baker. I LOVE pizza, it looks so simple to make and choosing the toppings is certainly the best part. I think when I next have a Saturday to myself (a couple of weekends away yet) I will be making and fully enjoying this pizza.

                                                                Picture taken from Joy the Baker

The other day this lovely looking malt milkshake appeared in my blog reader and I have been craving one ever since. Although I won't be able to use Askinosie chocolate I will be getting a good quality bar and saving it for the night when a biscuit just won't be enough.

                                                          Picture taken from A Beautiful Mess

I seem to send quite a lot of post to friends and family, mainly just birthday cards but I'm sure these cute envelopes will spur me on to write a letter.

                                                            Picture taken from Design and Nonsense

Aaaand finally, I have been meaning to try stitching on card for a long time but haven't got round to it. Jenny from Sublime Stitching always has the best ideas and her hand writing is perfect! Maybe I could mix the embroidered card with the handmade envelope to post off. Genius.

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