This weekend gone saw London host the Renegade Craft Fair held in The Old Truman Brewery, once home to London's largest um... brewery!
I don't often venture East due to too many hipsters making me feel terribly uncool but I couldn't miss the chance of seeing what good craft London has to offer.
Although I didn't get any pictures of the fair in motion, I have included a selection of makers who really caught my eye.

Sean Mort makes really amazing posters, his work caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I love his use of colour, soft but noticeable and the fun side to his band posters. Here are a couple on my wish list;

                                                Pictures taken from seanmortprintshop.co.ukThese cards by Lovely Jojo's made me laugh to myself. I found a few of them match some silly in-jokes we have in our house, especially the sausage one! Minds out of the gutter please!
                                                          Pictures taken from lovelyjojos.comI have been a follower of Ladybird Likes' blog for some time now so it was nice to see some of her work in real life, as opposed to the Internet I mean. I had my eyes on a few of her pieces and I couldn't decide which one. I loved the sweet typewriter necklaces and the butterfly necklaces but in the end I settled on a set of stickers as a gift for a belated birthday present which I have photographed below. Look how nice the packaging is too, it really is the small details that count. I think I will be making another purchase some time soon!

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