I just want to share a few snaps from Saturday, we had some family visiting for a couple of days which I always enjoy as it actually makes us leave the house and we often do something that we haven't done before.

We headed up to North Cross Road in East Dulwich which is only about 15 mins walk from our house. We walked around some shops and came across a little magical vintage cave (hidden shop round the corner) which was lovely but quite pricey.

North Cross Road holds a lovely little market on a Saturday selling all kinds of food and crafty pieces. I had a vegetarian taco from Ambriento who serve from a 1950s taco truck which was SO SO GOOD. Seriously, it was amazing. It may look a little like sick but the flavours were definitely far from sick.

Ever since we have lived in Peckham (18 months) I have been meaning to visit the Horniman Museum, it is only a short bus ride away and have heard some great things about it. So after the yummy food we took a trip here and we were all surprised how lovely this small museum really is. They are currently working on an animal section which currently has Pygmy goats but looks like they are putting a lot of work in updating the grounds. The gardens are really beautiful but the view looking out to central London is really what sets it apart. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you go, especially with a picnic!

We finished the day with a short trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery which is a fascinating little place but unfortunately we didn't have long to look around before they closed. They were also setting up for a wedding reception, what a great location!


  1. Oh it's always nice to come across a blog by someone who lives in the same area - you can actually check out the things they recommend! That vintage shop looks dangerously well-stocked - visiting may be a bit risky for my bank balance, but then everything looks so pretty... dillema! I also have a fondness for the dusty old displays of the Horniman, and must check out Dulwich Picture Gallery... Oh, and I am definitely getting on those tacos soon. NOM.

    1. The tacos are a MUST. I recommend the patatas bravas they sell too, very tasty. I have to limit myself on visiting North Cross Road, verrry dangerous! :)

  2. That taco place looks like a must visit...


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