Here's last week in iPhone snaps…

1. Sunday, Rebecca Ferguson at the itunes Festival in Camden, so boring. Seriously.

2. Tuesday, our favourite chip shop, I couldn't take a pic of the size of the tray I got for fear of my arm breaking.

3. Chips followed by Best Coast at Borderline, amazing.

4. Thursday, the best fast food place in Brighton. Everything they do can be made vegetarian and the burgers are yummy.

5. Burger followed by Latterman at Green Door Store. Driving to and from Brighton in an evening is pretty painful.

6. Saturday, the beautiful conservatory at the Horniman Museum.

7. Saturday, Dulwich Picture Gallery.

8. Saturday evening pub grub. I know you are judging me on the amount of chips I have eaten this week.

9. Sunday, a very wet and windy day needs a very cheesy pasta bake.

In a nutshell I ate a lot of carbohydrates and went to a few gigs. You can follow me on Instagram @jocrawford if you would like to see more potato based foods

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