The other week I posted about a few things that had caught my eye on Pinterest (here) and one thing that especially stood out to me was the Anthropologie 'inspired' glasses, mainly because I figured I could have a go at making them myself! And I did just that!

I made 3 glasses just like they did and somehow managed to do very similar colours which I swear was completely unintentional, so now it looks like I copied but I totally used different shaped glasses so it's all cool, right?
I decided to use mine as candle holders which I think look amazing when all the lights are out!

I used acrylic paints which you are suppose to seal if using on glass but I didn't because I'm bad ass (cheap) and I figured I wouldn't be washing them at all so the paint should stay on.

Pretty cool huh?  
And if I dare mention Christmas around here I'm thinking of making some for presents, what do you think? Should probably stop being tight and buy something to seal them with though...



On Saturday I had every intention of waking up early and heading off to see the Tim Walker exhibition just as it opened but this cold weather (which happened over night might I add!) got the better of me and my bed was much more appealing at that time of the morning.
I eventually made it there around 2 o clock (don't judge) with a queue forming out the door but we persisted and was let in in no time at all.

The only word I can really think of to describe this exhibition is magical. Seriously. The props that have been included are really breath taking (they're so big!) and I couldn't stop smiling the whole way round.  There is a little projection room with short feature films made on super 8 which are from the shoots you see from the exhibition. The Monty Python one was quite rightly very funny, I love seeing 'behind the scenes' films and photographs.

From only seeing photographs by Tim Walker in books or magazines it was something else being able to see them at full size with the props next to them, I am also really surprised at how big the exhibition is due it being FREE.

If your in London then head to Somerset House to see this before it finishes in January but I would recommend getting there early to avoid the queues - they also have a lovely cafe which was far too busy for us to get a seat. They are currently setting up the ice skating rink too, Christmas is coming!



1. Photobooth found on a street in East London after getting off a bus. Can you believe I've never come across one before?! 2. Picture from said photobooth (he is not grabbing my boob in the 3rd picture by the way...)

3+4. Lazy sunday watching Girls and trying out the new paints I bought myself as a treat for having an interview (I figured if I didn't get it I wouldn't be in the mood for celebrating so win win!)

5. I attended a talk at the Tower of London which discussed women in power (which I spoke about here) 6. My walk home over Tower Bridge was pretty magical.

7. Baubles in Anthropologie 8. Baubles in Liberty (their Christmas department is amazing, it will get even the biggest scrooge excited!)

9. My dream dress in Anthropologie (not the dream price though) 10. Embroidery hoop display in the haberdashery section in Liberty.

9. Sunday snacks after our friends that were visiting had left followed by watching Girls, again. 10. Practising my handwriting for some handmade Christmas cards

11. Enjoying too much free champagne at a Stylist event at Twenty8Twelve, far too much. 12. Free scarf from the event, free stuff is cool. 

13. The Natural History Museum getting ready for the festive season, it looks so lovely. 14. Much needed cocktails at the V+A on Friday night after some shitty news (related to the job I mentioned earlier, good thing I bought those paints eh..)



We are well and truly into autumn over here. It's dark when I set off to work and the morning fog makes London look like it has reverted back to the Victorian times. Over the past few weeks I have spotted some lovely autumn/halloween related crafts, beautiful pieces of art, recipes and clothes, so I thought I would do a round up of the things that I want. Now.

The illustrations on these Halloween cards by Quill & Fox are just lovely. Check out the shop for some great Christmas cards too which have caught my eye - too early?

I love this whole look. Yellow jumper, film camera and brown leather pouch. Perfect

I love the new Halloween themed items Zoe from Ladybird Likes has put in her shop, and at only £6 each who could resist?! The pumpkin ones are also amazing.

I'm loving the idea of decorating glasses to give away as presents, anything that is effective + low cost = a winner. I have recently tried painting onto glass which I will show you soon and I love this idea I spotted on Wit & Whistle's blog.

Katie from What Katie Does always produces lovely work - and she has a great blog that I love reading. She has recently put two new prints in her shop and I think this autumn one is just lovely. Such a great idea

I spotted this pumpkin biryani recipe on the BBC Good Food website. I'm not quite sure if I have the paticence (read: can't be arsed) to present it in a pumpkin but if I did then Im sure it would look/taste amazing.

I want this coat. And bag. My life would be so much better if I had these things in it, right?

Have you spotted any other autumnal favourites?



This weekend we had friends from Leeds visiting. We haven't seen them since they got married back in August so it was good to catch up and show them the pics I took at their wedding (which they liked...or they might just be good liars!). We had a fun weekend of food, booze and shopping which started off with a trip to Borough Market on Saturday morning.

I know Borough Market is hugely tourist popular but its always nice to take friends visiting places they have never been, also having a glass of Prosecco just before midday is a novelty that should never wear off!

I got a huge brownie which made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack but it was so good.

Afterwards we headed up to Regent Street to visit Anthropologie and also browsed the Christmas floor in Liberty. Their baubles are seriously pretty - I never thought I would ever swoon over a bauble! I know its only October but it has seriously got me in the mood for Christmas (or just in the mood for mince pies...)

We finished off the day with drinks in a traditional pub and then fish and chips back home whilst watching X-Factor, perfect evening? I think so!



Last night I went to a talk hosted at the Tower of London titled 'The secrets of success: women in power' which discussed what it takes for a woman to become a leader among men. Being able to go into the Tower of London's ground after closing was amazing in it self!

I found the talk interesting and it certainly opened my eyes to different ways of women achieving success, good and bad. 
Historian Tracy Borman spoke about how Elizabeth I dealt with becoming Queen and gained power and belief from her subjects and people -by continuously apologising for being a woman for the first 20 years of her reign, naturally. Dr Catherine Hakim spoke of the importance of 'erotic capital' and women using it to their full extent because apparently women have more scope to do so and Ceri Goddard discussed gender equality in the workplace highlighting the work of Fawcett Society and how these issues are combatted.

Naturally I didn't agree with some aspects of the talk and I do wish they had discussed women gaining power through the ranks at work - not just how they deal with it when they get to become a CEO or the Queen which I found quite unrealistic for the every day woman. But I do have to say that it was a really interesting way to spend a Wednesday evening and hearing women discuss matters that are incredibly important is very inspiring. London has a lot to offer in terms of talks and adult learning, certainly something to look into if you're interested. I found this talk through the adult learning page on the Historic Royal Palaces website.



The start of the week was pretty stressful and when I get stressed I tend not to do anything but watch trashy TV and eat crisps, like, ALL the crisps (don't judge). Today, things aren't so stressful and Pinterest is inspiring me to be productive again.

I need a better way of handling stress.

Here are a few things I'm currently digging which I've found through Pinterest.

This beautiful hand painted plate.  I wish I had the patience to do something as intricate as this

This sweet thank you note

This intricate hand painted glass

This effortless autumnal style

This beautiful wedding photography, amazingly shot on an iPhone

These diy anthropologie 'inspired' glasses

This whole outfit, especially the jumper

Lovely stuff! 



I cannot wait to watch this film about Gregory Crewdson's process. I don't think anything I can say about his work will do it any justice, so just watch the trailer!



Last weekend my friend Sophie showed me how to do some screen printing, its something I've always wanted to try but have never got round to. I find the whole process really fascinating, especially when getting into layering colours - which I certainly wasn't good enough to do, I wouldn't say I was a natural! We chose some interesting shapes from the garden and began our morning of printing...

Not exactly the most amazing pieces of errr... art but a fun morning all the same!

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