I have had a very fun weekend visiting my friend Sophie (check out her stuff in my last post) and only got back to London today, so have spent most of the evening sorting out picture.
On Saturday we went to visit the place where she is currently doing a residency. It is in a town called Gainsborough in the former church of St. John the Devine and the space is so impressive. I couldn't resist taking some pictures, the light was perfect.

They are currently holding an exhibition, so there was plenty to see. Im not quite sure what this big cave thing is but I know it is never taken down or removed from the church, strange!
I do love seeing disused spaces having a purpose once again. I have been staring at my screen for far too long so I will share more photos from my weekend tomorrow!

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  1. Wow the light is gorgeous - it really shows off the space. Love the big cave, I'm a total sucker for things like that!


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