The start of the week was pretty stressful and when I get stressed I tend not to do anything but watch trashy TV and eat crisps, like, ALL the crisps (don't judge). Today, things aren't so stressful and Pinterest is inspiring me to be productive again.

I need a better way of handling stress.

Here are a few things I'm currently digging which I've found through Pinterest.

This beautiful hand painted plate.  I wish I had the patience to do something as intricate as this

This sweet thank you note

This intricate hand painted glass

This effortless autumnal style

This beautiful wedding photography, amazingly shot on an iPhone

These diy anthropologie 'inspired' glasses

This whole outfit, especially the jumper

Lovely stuff! 

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  1. So much nice stuff! Great choices. Sorry your week has been stressful, hope you've got a relaxing weeked planned x


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