1. Photobooth found on a street in East London after getting off a bus. Can you believe I've never come across one before?! 2. Picture from said photobooth (he is not grabbing my boob in the 3rd picture by the way...)

3+4. Lazy sunday watching Girls and trying out the new paints I bought myself as a treat for having an interview (I figured if I didn't get it I wouldn't be in the mood for celebrating so win win!)

5. I attended a talk at the Tower of London which discussed women in power (which I spoke about here) 6. My walk home over Tower Bridge was pretty magical.

7. Baubles in Anthropologie 8. Baubles in Liberty (their Christmas department is amazing, it will get even the biggest scrooge excited!)

9. My dream dress in Anthropologie (not the dream price though) 10. Embroidery hoop display in the haberdashery section in Liberty.

9. Sunday snacks after our friends that were visiting had left followed by watching Girls, again. 10. Practising my handwriting for some handmade Christmas cards

11. Enjoying too much free champagne at a Stylist event at Twenty8Twelve, far too much. 12. Free scarf from the event, free stuff is cool. 

13. The Natural History Museum getting ready for the festive season, it looks so lovely. 14. Much needed cocktails at the V+A on Friday night after some shitty news (related to the job I mentioned earlier, good thing I bought those paints eh..)


  1. Oh where is that photo booth? I am watching Girls and completely loving it!

    1. Its on Westgate Street in Hackney. Don't often venture East but it was certainly a nice surprise when we got off the bus!


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