A couple of weeks ago I stated that I planned to make 4 things that I have pinned on to my Pinterest boards (you can read the post here). Well last night I made my first one! It was the no-knead pizza from Joy the Baker but not only did I make that, I whipped up some sweet potato skins that I have had pinned for quite a while too!
Please excuse the picture quality, we didn't get round to eating till about half 9 so the light was awful and we were hungry, pictures were not a priority for me at this time of night!

All in all the recipes turned out well, for the pizza we chose mozzarella with chilli and cherry tomatoes and for the skins we had jalapeƱos and cheese (we like cheese and spicy food...a lot!)

I would say the pizza needed slightly longer cooking as when we first tried it the dough was very squishy and we would probably grill the skins next time to get some colour on the cheese but they tasted real good! I loved the skins, they were sweet and spicy, amazing! The pizza had quite a strong wholemeal flavour to it, which only made me feel like I was eating something healthy...right?

I'm glad I finally got round to making something from Pinterest and the fact they were a success makes it even better. Bring on the next one!

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