The other week I posted about a few things that had caught my eye on Pinterest (here) and one thing that especially stood out to me was the Anthropologie 'inspired' glasses, mainly because I figured I could have a go at making them myself! And I did just that!

I made 3 glasses just like they did and somehow managed to do very similar colours which I swear was completely unintentional, so now it looks like I copied but I totally used different shaped glasses so it's all cool, right?
I decided to use mine as candle holders which I think look amazing when all the lights are out!

I used acrylic paints which you are suppose to seal if using on glass but I didn't because I'm bad ass (cheap) and I figured I wouldn't be washing them at all so the paint should stay on.

Pretty cool huh?  
And if I dare mention Christmas around here I'm thinking of making some for presents, what do you think? Should probably stop being tight and buy something to seal them with though...


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