I know I know, I keep mentioning the visit I made to my friend Sophie's house but I had so much fun and have plenty of pictures to share that I just can't shut up about it. I will stop soon I promise.

Sophie is lucky enough to have a studio in a shed in her garden, she told me about it a while ago and I have been dying to photograph it.

She has plenty of space to make her lovely books and be creative.

And there is also plenty of room to keep all her collected bits and bobs

I love that she has a wall to hang her most recent work, I would love to have the space to do this!

I felt very creative hanging out in her studio for the morning, such a lovely space.


  1. This really is such a beautiful space. I feel so inspired now.

    <3 Melissa

  2. I love this! We have a shed but I could try and do something like this in.... I just worry things would get damp?

    1. It seems to be OK for her so far I think, I don't think she keeps any fabrics in there though, just as a place to go in and shut off from the outside world!


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