I'm always wanting to learn new things, especially things I have never tried before but quite often I set out to learn one thing then I see a completely different thing that looks interesting and then ditch it. I find it quite difficult to focus on just the one thing so Pinterest is a bit of a nightmare for me because I'm always inspired and always wanting to try the last thing I saw.

The same thing happened when I came across Wit & Whistle's website. Amanda Wright produces lovely stationary and greeting cards, I want one of each to never give away. 

Picture credit: Wit & Whistle

I love her illustrations and beautiful fonts/handwriting(?) it made me want to learn how to make something like this. Clearly, I would struggle a fair bit due to my lack of drawing capabilities but I love the feeling that when you see something you like so much, you just want to learn how to do it (although copying is not cool!). 

                                                                                        Picture credit: Wit & WhistleI'm feeling very inspired to crack out my sketch pad and get practising 

                                                                                          Picture credit: Wit & Whistle

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  1. if it's a crime to buy nice cards and then keep them for yourself then I am certainly guilty. On several counts. These are v.cute, perfect for giving away or keeping depending on your will-power! x


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