Last night I went to a talk hosted at the Tower of London titled 'The secrets of success: women in power' which discussed what it takes for a woman to become a leader among men. Being able to go into the Tower of London's ground after closing was amazing in it self!

I found the talk interesting and it certainly opened my eyes to different ways of women achieving success, good and bad. 
Historian Tracy Borman spoke about how Elizabeth I dealt with becoming Queen and gained power and belief from her subjects and people -by continuously apologising for being a woman for the first 20 years of her reign, naturally. Dr Catherine Hakim spoke of the importance of 'erotic capital' and women using it to their full extent because apparently women have more scope to do so and Ceri Goddard discussed gender equality in the workplace highlighting the work of Fawcett Society and how these issues are combatted.

Naturally I didn't agree with some aspects of the talk and I do wish they had discussed women gaining power through the ranks at work - not just how they deal with it when they get to become a CEO or the Queen which I found quite unrealistic for the every day woman. But I do have to say that it was a really interesting way to spend a Wednesday evening and hearing women discuss matters that are incredibly important is very inspiring. London has a lot to offer in terms of talks and adult learning, certainly something to look into if you're interested. I found this talk through the adult learning page on the Historic Royal Palaces website.

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