On Friday night I went to see the Hollywood Costumes exhibition at the V+A museum. I have been wanting to go since it opened but if I'm honest the £14 entry fee put me off a little (I know, I know, but £14 on the run up to Christmas can spread pretty far!)) but we hit lucky and managed to get a 2 for 1 voucher that could only be used at Friday Lates. I didn't take any pictures because you're not allowed - which usually doesn't stop me getting a couple of sneaky ones but they were seriously on it, no one was getting away with a sneaky snap, they nearly rugby tackled one poor woman to the floor.

I have to say I was really impressed with the technical side to the exhibition. There were projections of interviews with actors, directors and designers, clips from films and boards with notes about the design process. It was all so interactive and sleek, I was very impressed. The exhibition is much larger then I thought it was going to be, there are 3 large rooms all with different costumes in and notes accompanying each one, I found it so interesting to see the height of the actors, many are much smaller then you think!

The exhibition ends with Dorothy's dress and shoes from the Wizard of Oz and also Marilyn Monroe's white dress from The Seven Year Itch, I don't think they could have put anything else in their place.
I really recommend to go see this exhibition, it is well worth the money - even paying full price!

Hollywood Costumes is at the V+A until 27th January 2013 



I headed back up north this weekend to see my dad for his birthday. I think the break from London is just what I needed ready for the lead up to Christmas (FOUR weeks). I love London but sometimes the commute, the crowds, the expense and the constant go go go can all get a little bit too much, it's good to take a breather and come back with a clearer head. London can be a hard place to live especially when your train has been delayed EVERY DAY for a week.
I didn't take any photos this weekend (a conscious decision), I just caught up with my family and ate nice food it was bloody good.
However I did come home on Friday night to this laid out on the bed...

Pretty special.



1. My vegetarian boyfriend making me a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning, true love. 2. Waiting to see Skyfall at our local cinema.

3. Getting our D.I.Y on (just putting up TWO curtain rails), its the little things. 4. The Barfly in Camden full on promoting Movember

5. Amazing potatoes, idea from Pinterest. Nothing can really beat pie and peas on a Thursday night... 6...Although eating a 6oz burger with pulled pork ON TOP from The Diner on a Friday afternoon comes close.

7. Imperial War Museum on a sunny day. 8. Visiting the Cecil Beaton museum which I wrote about here

9. Beautiful autumn leaves on my road, I really love this time of year but it goes by so quickly! 10. Perfect shiny tomatoes catching my eye

11. Rolling Stones Christmas lights on Carnaby Street - London is great this time of year. 12. My cosy new scarf! It is a beautiful teal colour.

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Its official, I have started my Christmas crafts. For once, I am organised and have wrote numerous lists of what I really want to make and then another one of what I realistically will be making. Last year I wanted to do a handmade Christmas but it sneaked up on me and I ended up doing a mad dash to the shops and spent a fortune. The gifts weren't all that great either. Fail.
I don't really have a long list of friends that I give presents to each year and sadly I don't think I will get to see most of them due to tight scheduling to fit in family time but ohhhh boy are my family in for a treat this year, I will be off loading all my wonderful handmade crap crafts to them.
The only person who will really escape is Steven, he has to smile and nod everytime I make something and I can't put him through it again on Christmas day.
Instead of making general presents that will please everyone, I've gone for a more specific and personal touch. In other words; more time stressing out.

So this is the first gift I have got round to making and it is for my step mum. She gave me this beautiful fabric earlier in the year which her mum bought in India. She wasn't sure what to do with it so thought I could make use of it.
I made a simple envelope cushion (first time!) and decorated it with gold buttons which she also gave me to make use out of.
Isn't the fabric beautiful? Its so silky soft to touch and the colour will be perfect for their spare room. I used an insert from a cushion cover I was trying to embroider (without a pattern) but it went horribly wrong, naturally.

Are you making any Christmas presents this year? I'd love to hear if you are



Sunday was one of those sunny crisp autumn days that are quite rare but are certainly my favourite kind of days. Steven had plans to go watch the football so I decided instead of spending the day in my pajamas and eating crisps like I really really wanted to, I would take myself off to an exhibition.
I'm glad I did too, I ended up at the Imperial War Museum which is (supposed to be be) a short bus ride away to see the Cecil Beaton show. I've never been there before and was pretty impressed with how grand the building is, I also got there not long after they opened which I would highly recommend. No queues, no loud kids and especially no people trying to get you to move on because they want to see everything that you are looking at at the SAME TIME as you. 

I was really impressed with the exhibition, I thought it was just going to be about his war photographs which it mainly was but they touched on his pre/post war career too. I certainly felt like I got to know more about him and seeing so many of his photographs in one place makes you realise just how good a photographer he was, like seriously. More then you already think.

I recognised so many of the war photographs and never even realised they were his until then, I was also quite amazed to learn that when he went off on a three month tour of the Middle East, he only took one camera and enough film for 10,000 photographs. One camera! I really like his style of shooting, it's very honest and he recognised the importance of photographing what was going on around him rather then going off to find something deemed more 'interesting' to photograph.
The exhibition was a decent size too, there was enough to read and see so I certainly felt it was worth the money.

After browsing round the rest of the museum I headed to the shop where I got these postcards. They also had them in larger prints for £7 which is a bargain, if I had a big enough kitchen I would have snapped them up.

Cecil Beaton: Theatre of War is on until January 1st and costs £8. Worth every penny.



This week seems to have mainly revolved around food. As part of my quest to stop spending so much money on food -Morrisons is 2 minutes away from my work, which is verryyyy dangerous at lunch times. Actually, I spend so much time in there it is ridiculous. I often just 'nip' in to get some bread/chocolate and always come out having spent at least a tenner and nothing fun to show for it either. Toilet roll is not fun.

I digress...Like the majority of people, the purse strings are feeling pretty tight especially with Christmas in NEARLY FIVE WEEKS. Oh crap. Sooo I thought I would give planning our evening meals in advance a go just so I know what I actually NEED to buy from the shop and what I certainly don't need to buy (I'm looking at you Pot Noodle).
We write it down on a fancy chalkboard (99p shop) on Sunday and plan our meals usually until Friday night and then all hell breaks loose over the weekend and we drown in pasta.
At first I didn't think it would work due to the amount of times that I think about what I'm going to eat for dinner during the day is quite something but actually we have managed to stick to it and would definitely rate it a success. I also wanted to get away from eating so much pasta, with Steven being vegetarian pasta is definitely our go to lazy meal when we can't be bothered to think of anything else, I have tried to limit our pasta meal to one night a week instead of about 5. Seriously.

However, I do seem to have substituted pasta for potatoes so definitely need to work on that but we tried out two new meals this week. The patatas bravas we made included veggie sausages and loads of chilli and for the pie and mash we tried a new way of slicing the potatoes (which I completely stole from Pinterest), they tasted so good I've been thinking about them ever since.

Saturday was our nice food day and my god it was good. We spent the day at home catching up on washing and cleaning which really does add up after a week of work, we then headed to the shop to get all the ingredients.  We started off with a well deserved fry up with veggie sausages (I prefer Quorn) hash browns, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and toast and after lazing around watching crap TV, we got our bake on. 
Our go to recipe for chocolatey goodness is the brownies in the Hummingbird Bakery book. The recipe contains A LOT of sugar which I usually reduce by about a third or so and I really can't tell the difference. We also had some peanut butter in the cupboard so put some little blobs on top which is a VERY good idea (although we did try to melt the peanut butter to drizzle on top which was a complete fail. Note: do not add water to hot peanut butter...). And because it is nearly Christmas I got out my Christmas treat tin (bought at the Container Store in NY). It certainly makes eating these brownies that little bit more special.

By this point we thought that no way have we consumed enough fat/sugar/salt so best to make some pizza. We used Joy the Bakers no knead recipe which has turned out well for us every time and kept it simple with just mozzarella, cheddar, baby tomatoes and chilli and because it was Saturday, we had to have some fries on the side. Of course it also had to be presented like a kids meal for maximum TV watching effect...

I do love taking pictures of my food. Sorry they are not Pinterest perfect but eating wins over spending an age styling the plate. Get it down you! 
Have you eaten/made anything nice this weekend?



I've been blogging fairly consistent for nearly a year now (I had a lazy summer) and still haven't taken part in any blog related collective fun. Don't get me wrong, blogging is a hoot but I haven't joined in with any of the activities fellow bloggers have taken the time to organise and create, I'm like the sulky kid in the corner not wanting to play. But I do want to play really, I just tell myself that I'm not ready for such things and people will point and laugh at me, even though I can't see you.
Soooooo I have decided to take part in my first fun collective thing called #ShareAdvent which Anna from Skin and Blister has created. The idea is to complete an activity each day in December for the lead up to Christmas - the activities are fun and time friendly too which I love because I have a lot of work to do tv to watch in December.
Some of my favourite activities are: Make/buy a wreath, Gingerbread is the theme of the day and Carry out a family tradition or start a new one. I'm already making notes of what I can do so I am prepared and won't get virtually point and laughed at. I shall be posting my completed activities on here, so please check back to see how well I've been getting on (hopefully not sulking in the corner). You should join in too.



I just wanted to share these great photographers that I have come across recently. I love their style and clear talent for what they photograph. I'm feeling very inspired.

Photo credit: Claire Connell

Claire Connell is a photographer and stylist based in North Queensland, the photographs she takes of her family are just beautiful. Her images are filled with happiness and personal memories but they certainly don't make you feel like you're intruding.

Photo credit: Claire Connell

Photo credit: Claire Connell

Claire blogs over at One Claire Day where you can see more snippets of her lovely life.

Photo credit: Tori Hancock

Tori Hancock blogs over at Wellies and Vogue, her everyday pictures are really stunning but it was her wedding photography that really caught my eye. She knows exactly what details are important to look back on from the day and equally captures the whole picture whilst maintaining similar soft tones throughout her images. I would be so happy if my wedding photographs (not yet guys) were taken by Tori, she certainly gives them that special quality that so many people try to capture.

Photo credit: Tori Hancock

Photo credit: Tori Hancock
Lara Jade was lucky enough to start developing her photographic style at the ripe age of 15!  Her editorial and fashion photographs have appeared in numerous publications including Elle and Material Girl. I look through a lot of magazines so sometimes it feels like you've seen a lot of the editorial shoots before - or something very similar anyway. When I came across Lara Jade's work I noticed how much personality the models show and how playful the images are which was really refreshing. 
Photo credit: Lara Jade

Photo credit: Lara Jade

Photo credit: Lara Jade

I would love to hear if you have recently come across any photographers you admire...



Just a few pics from my weekend. On Saturday I spent most of the day getting my craft on and eating satsumas to ward off any colds and diseases heading my way. On Sunday we went for a walk around Peckham Rye Park (its beautiful, you should go) and then went to see Skyfall at our local cinema for a fiver, can't beat it.



1. My favourite print from the Tim Walker exhibition which I blogged about here. 2. Veggie lasagne with salad (the lasagne wasn't as burnt as it looks... just a little ermm... charred.  
3. Back on the soup and bread for lunch at work, exciting times. 4. Even more exciting new slippers which have the comfiest lining. I live on the edge.

5. Waking up to to this view whilst visiting family in Yorkshire. 6. Massive bonfire which burnt my coat, fucker.

7. Messing around with the Afterglow app whilst gettin' my craft oooon. 8. New veg section in my supermarket- they have cold air blowing over it. CRAZY.

9. This amazing plate of food was waiting for me when I got home from work, true love. 10. Pudding after the amazing plate of food. 

11. Snapple keeping us entertained whilst we wait for food. 12. Weird Marmite Christmas lights on Oxford Street.

13. Waiting for Friday night pizza at our favourite place on Charlotte Street. 14. My Friday night pizza, I ate it all, allll of it.

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I've worked in my current job for almost 2 years so you can imagine how freakin' excited I was when we stumbled upon a drawer that 'has never been opened' and it was FULL of fabric samples. They were no ordinary samples either, many of them were Laura Ashely, ohhh yes. Time seemed to stop for a second before me and the other girls realised what gold we had stumbled upon... and then the elbows came out.
After a few jabs to the ribs this is a selection of what I got, piece after piece of florals, beautiful beautiful florals.

Naturally I'm drawn to make bunting but if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

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