Sunday was one of those sunny crisp autumn days that are quite rare but are certainly my favourite kind of days. Steven had plans to go watch the football so I decided instead of spending the day in my pajamas and eating crisps like I really really wanted to, I would take myself off to an exhibition.
I'm glad I did too, I ended up at the Imperial War Museum which is (supposed to be be) a short bus ride away to see the Cecil Beaton show. I've never been there before and was pretty impressed with how grand the building is, I also got there not long after they opened which I would highly recommend. No queues, no loud kids and especially no people trying to get you to move on because they want to see everything that you are looking at at the SAME TIME as you. 

I was really impressed with the exhibition, I thought it was just going to be about his war photographs which it mainly was but they touched on his pre/post war career too. I certainly felt like I got to know more about him and seeing so many of his photographs in one place makes you realise just how good a photographer he was, like seriously. More then you already think.

I recognised so many of the war photographs and never even realised they were his until then, I was also quite amazed to learn that when he went off on a three month tour of the Middle East, he only took one camera and enough film for 10,000 photographs. One camera! I really like his style of shooting, it's very honest and he recognised the importance of photographing what was going on around him rather then going off to find something deemed more 'interesting' to photograph.
The exhibition was a decent size too, there was enough to read and see so I certainly felt it was worth the money.

After browsing round the rest of the museum I headed to the shop where I got these postcards. They also had them in larger prints for £7 which is a bargain, if I had a big enough kitchen I would have snapped them up.

Cecil Beaton: Theatre of War is on until January 1st and costs £8. Worth every penny.

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