Its official, I have started my Christmas crafts. For once, I am organised and have wrote numerous lists of what I really want to make and then another one of what I realistically will be making. Last year I wanted to do a handmade Christmas but it sneaked up on me and I ended up doing a mad dash to the shops and spent a fortune. The gifts weren't all that great either. Fail.
I don't really have a long list of friends that I give presents to each year and sadly I don't think I will get to see most of them due to tight scheduling to fit in family time but ohhhh boy are my family in for a treat this year, I will be off loading all my wonderful handmade crap crafts to them.
The only person who will really escape is Steven, he has to smile and nod everytime I make something and I can't put him through it again on Christmas day.
Instead of making general presents that will please everyone, I've gone for a more specific and personal touch. In other words; more time stressing out.

So this is the first gift I have got round to making and it is for my step mum. She gave me this beautiful fabric earlier in the year which her mum bought in India. She wasn't sure what to do with it so thought I could make use of it.
I made a simple envelope cushion (first time!) and decorated it with gold buttons which she also gave me to make use out of.
Isn't the fabric beautiful? Its so silky soft to touch and the colour will be perfect for their spare room. I used an insert from a cushion cover I was trying to embroider (without a pattern) but it went horribly wrong, naturally.

Are you making any Christmas presents this year? I'd love to hear if you are

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