This week seems to have mainly revolved around food. As part of my quest to stop spending so much money on food -Morrisons is 2 minutes away from my work, which is verryyyy dangerous at lunch times. Actually, I spend so much time in there it is ridiculous. I often just 'nip' in to get some bread/chocolate and always come out having spent at least a tenner and nothing fun to show for it either. Toilet roll is not fun.

I digress...Like the majority of people, the purse strings are feeling pretty tight especially with Christmas in NEARLY FIVE WEEKS. Oh crap. Sooo I thought I would give planning our evening meals in advance a go just so I know what I actually NEED to buy from the shop and what I certainly don't need to buy (I'm looking at you Pot Noodle).
We write it down on a fancy chalkboard (99p shop) on Sunday and plan our meals usually until Friday night and then all hell breaks loose over the weekend and we drown in pasta.
At first I didn't think it would work due to the amount of times that I think about what I'm going to eat for dinner during the day is quite something but actually we have managed to stick to it and would definitely rate it a success. I also wanted to get away from eating so much pasta, with Steven being vegetarian pasta is definitely our go to lazy meal when we can't be bothered to think of anything else, I have tried to limit our pasta meal to one night a week instead of about 5. Seriously.

However, I do seem to have substituted pasta for potatoes so definitely need to work on that but we tried out two new meals this week. The patatas bravas we made included veggie sausages and loads of chilli and for the pie and mash we tried a new way of slicing the potatoes (which I completely stole from Pinterest), they tasted so good I've been thinking about them ever since.

Saturday was our nice food day and my god it was good. We spent the day at home catching up on washing and cleaning which really does add up after a week of work, we then headed to the shop to get all the ingredients.  We started off with a well deserved fry up with veggie sausages (I prefer Quorn) hash browns, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and toast and after lazing around watching crap TV, we got our bake on. 
Our go to recipe for chocolatey goodness is the brownies in the Hummingbird Bakery book. The recipe contains A LOT of sugar which I usually reduce by about a third or so and I really can't tell the difference. We also had some peanut butter in the cupboard so put some little blobs on top which is a VERY good idea (although we did try to melt the peanut butter to drizzle on top which was a complete fail. Note: do not add water to hot peanut butter...). And because it is nearly Christmas I got out my Christmas treat tin (bought at the Container Store in NY). It certainly makes eating these brownies that little bit more special.

By this point we thought that no way have we consumed enough fat/sugar/salt so best to make some pizza. We used Joy the Bakers no knead recipe which has turned out well for us every time and kept it simple with just mozzarella, cheddar, baby tomatoes and chilli and because it was Saturday, we had to have some fries on the side. Of course it also had to be presented like a kids meal for maximum TV watching effect...

I do love taking pictures of my food. Sorry they are not Pinterest perfect but eating wins over spending an age styling the plate. Get it down you! 
Have you eaten/made anything nice this weekend?


  1. Wow those brownies look good! We have a rather less pretty way of organising meals - the back of an envelope stuck to the extractor fan with a magnet... I'm thinking about painting the inside of one of our kitchen cupboards with chalk board paint - having a board is much prettier (and hopefully the chalk doesn't go missing as often as the pen I try to keep by the envelope!)

    1. Ohhh I wish I could paint cupboards with chalk board paint, one of the many downfalls of renting!

  2. I really must give meal planning a go... Generally I buy/cook stuff on a fairly ad-hoc basis as normally cooking for one (boyfriend living in a different city), although we're much better at cooking 'proper' meals and trying out new recipes when together. Eggs/beans on toast or stir fry are my lazy veggie fall back meals!


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