1. My favourite print from the Tim Walker exhibition which I blogged about here. 2. Veggie lasagne with salad (the lasagne wasn't as burnt as it looks... just a little ermm... charred.  
3. Back on the soup and bread for lunch at work, exciting times. 4. Even more exciting new slippers which have the comfiest lining. I live on the edge.

5. Waking up to to this view whilst visiting family in Yorkshire. 6. Massive bonfire which burnt my coat, fucker.

7. Messing around with the Afterglow app whilst gettin' my craft oooon. 8. New veg section in my supermarket- they have cold air blowing over it. CRAZY.

9. This amazing plate of food was waiting for me when I got home from work, true love. 10. Pudding after the amazing plate of food. 

11. Snapple keeping us entertained whilst we wait for food. 12. Weird Marmite Christmas lights on Oxford Street.

13. Waiting for Friday night pizza at our favourite place on Charlotte Street. 14. My Friday night pizza, I ate it all, allll of it.

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  1. The bonfire burnt your coat? Jesus! Hope you escaped with minimal charring.

    1. Just about! We did have to run for cover before it attacked us any more. I don't think standing the way the wind was blowing was the best idea we had! Its those Northern bonfires, much rougher then the ones down here!


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