1. My vegetarian boyfriend making me a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning, true love. 2. Waiting to see Skyfall at our local cinema.

3. Getting our D.I.Y on (just putting up TWO curtain rails), its the little things. 4. The Barfly in Camden full on promoting Movember

5. Amazing potatoes, idea from Pinterest. Nothing can really beat pie and peas on a Thursday night... 6...Although eating a 6oz burger with pulled pork ON TOP from The Diner on a Friday afternoon comes close.

7. Imperial War Museum on a sunny day. 8. Visiting the Cecil Beaton museum which I wrote about here

9. Beautiful autumn leaves on my road, I really love this time of year but it goes by so quickly! 10. Perfect shiny tomatoes catching my eye

11. Rolling Stones Christmas lights on Carnaby Street - London is great this time of year. 12. My cosy new scarf! It is a beautiful teal colour.

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  1. LOVE your scarf. You look ridiculously cute in that photo! x x


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