I've been blogging fairly consistent for nearly a year now (I had a lazy summer) and still haven't taken part in any blog related collective fun. Don't get me wrong, blogging is a hoot but I haven't joined in with any of the activities fellow bloggers have taken the time to organise and create, I'm like the sulky kid in the corner not wanting to play. But I do want to play really, I just tell myself that I'm not ready for such things and people will point and laugh at me, even though I can't see you.
Soooooo I have decided to take part in my first fun collective thing called #ShareAdvent which Anna from Skin and Blister has created. The idea is to complete an activity each day in December for the lead up to Christmas - the activities are fun and time friendly too which I love because I have a lot of work to do tv to watch in December.
Some of my favourite activities are: Make/buy a wreath, Gingerbread is the theme of the day and Carry out a family tradition or start a new one. I'm already making notes of what I can do so I am prepared and won't get virtually point and laughed at. I shall be posting my completed activities on here, so please check back to see how well I've been getting on (hopefully not sulking in the corner). You should join in too.


  1. Good to hear it! I am also aiming to do more bloggy related activities and will definitely be taking part. It's such a great idea.

  2. Oh, I'm getting so excited now! So many lovely people are deciding to join in. We have a couple of ladies setting up blogs just to take part and there'll be absolutely no pointing and laughing around here!!

    There's no pressure to do them all either so I someone sees this and just wants to pick a couple then please do!

    Anna x


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