We are back in London now after spending a few days up North for Christmas. We had lots of fun visiting our family and friends who we haven't seen for ages. I feel like my feet haven't touched the ground all week, so I'm taking these next few days until I have to go back to work to sort my shit out (sorry, I know mentioning the W word over the Christmas holiday is forbidden!) Loads of boring stuff like sorting out my clothes and tidying the flat but lots of fun stuff too like planning blog things and eating loads of chocolates eating healthy food.
Isn't it just the most satisfying thing when you find a home for all your new presents? I've found little nooks in our TINY flat that I never knew existed!
I'm also spending the next few days figuring out the things I want to improve/make happen/learn in 2013 so I will be back with an update on that. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Jo! Hope you had a lovely holiday. Maybe see you for a coffee again soon? x

    1. Merry Christmas! Coffee would be lovely, let me know when you're free :) x


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