This year I set myself a task of making the majority of Christmas presents intended for friends and family- I have a relatively small family so it was certainly much easier then it sounds!

We will start with presents for the dads - of which I have two (step and real). I found this quite tough because they don't want some homemade crap that is actually a bit naff and all my relatively half decent skills (sewing and embroidery) don't really translate well into dad gifts. After spending a looooong time searching around on the internet for ideas I came across this amazing mug idea by Wit & Whistle, and what dad doesn't love drinking out of a mug?! I maaay have been clutching at straws a little bit, but I went with it. Both mugs come with a double chocolate cookie (only one each because I ate the rest...) and a piece of chalk to write messages about how amazing I am.
Next up is the auntie. Aunties like homemade stuff and the time and effort you (I) put into making gifts so I went with my classic default gift of the veggie shopper bag. For all her vegetable shopping needs!

My mum works in an infant school so I made her two tote bags for her many files she lugs around - one for numeracy stuff and one for literacy. The literacy one has the letters that the kids learn first or something 'SATP'. This small detail will win me some serious brownie points, or at least an extra pig in a blanket at Christmas dinner.

Finally I made a small gesture for our friends, we don't normally give gifts but this year I was feeling extra giving. I bought a clear bauble and glittered it up with their initials. Simple but effective, and messy. Very very messy. Oh and its probably not wise to spend all week being really careful with the baubles and then to go drop and smash one just as you're about to put it in bubble wrap. Not wise at all.

I've made a couple of other bits too which I will leave till after the big day, but now I'm off to eat as many mince pies as I can. Merry Christmas!


  1. Brilliant! Well done you for not only finding the time to do these but also to think them up! Very clever.

  2. Great stuff, love the mugs and the vegetable tote especially. Men are so hard to hand-make presents for, you did well!

  3. That vegetable bag is just marvelous!


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