This week marks one year since I bought my beloved iPhone and downloaded my most used app, Instagram.
My love affair with Instagram has been going strong and doesn't seem to be disappearing any time soon. I love that it makes me want to take more pictures of my everyday life and share these things with my friends and strangers who want to follow me... umm...hmm....
I love that it makes me document the little moments that otherwise would have been forgotten, the food I have eaten (farrr too much), the days out we have taken and the special moments that if I didn't have my iphone on me, would be a memory that would be soon forgotten as I have a memory like a sieve.
Looking back through my pictures it seems we have done quite a lot this year, we brought in the new year in our pajamas, we moved flats and fell in love with our beloved Peckham, bought our first real (non Ikea) piece of furniture. Celebrated the jubilee, my birthday and Steven turning 30 in the most special way.

Some of our special friends got married, we went to the Olympics and Paralympics, and visited our family plenty of times. We spent lots of time together and I guess I must give work a mention...ermm...I went to work a lot?
I embraced the English seasons, we did our first bit of DIY (only putting up curtains but we are renting!) and took my first ever photo booth picture. We made a designated area for my sewing machine, had lots of cosy nights in and I came home to the sweetest message on the bed. 

Now onto the food! I ate sooooo much good (bad) food this year, we tried lots of new places in London, I seemed to eat a lot of burgers and cake. I hope 2013 is exactly the same!

We have had lots of lovely day outs visiting museums, exhibitions, seasides and tourist spots.

We cheered on Whitehawk football team, hung out with lots of friends and we went to Cornwall for a few days for our summer holiday, singing our favourite in the car.
Steven and I certainly spent a lot of time together, having lunch dates and pizza fridays and making use of Londons free parks in summer. I went to a talk at the Tower of London, dressed up for my works Christmas party and took Steven to Meantime Brewery for his Christmas present. 

Finally, how could I not mention all the bits I've made this year!? I started the year with a sewing lesson in Brixton where I made my first bag, I then went onto make my own bags with my own embroidery designs on which I am hoping to expand in 2013. I overcame my fear of sewing in public and I made pieces for our house and dipped my toes into clothes making - making a couple of skirts and a top. I even did a handmade Christmas, which luckily went down very well, phew!

I hope 2013 is just as good and fun filled as 2012 was, or dare I say... maybe even... better?

If you want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is @jocrawford


  1. Lovely round up Jo, looks like a fun-filled year! Very impressed by your handmade Christmas :) x


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