The last two weeks in pictures taken on my iPhone...

1. Steven being a sweetheart. 2. First Christmas sandwich of the year from Pret (which I think is miles better then the m&s one!) for my journey back up to visit my parents

3. Fortune cookie after a meal with my dad, I recieved a Christmas card, do you think that was it!? 4. Only in the North do they serve egg, chips and beans on a plate the size of a platter - can't beat it.

5. Craft shopping for Christmas supplies! SO exciting! 6. Preparing for Christmas crafting...

7. Bags packed ready for a weekend of visiting friends in Manchester. 8. Packed lunch for the supposedly 5 hour journey that turned in SIX hours, urgh.

9. Far too much wine and FREE pizza in Manchester on a Friday night. 10. Hangover breakfast as a result of the wine from the night before. Hash browns are the best!

11. Lots of pretty and too tempting fabric, I was very restrained! 12. Amazing paper art at The First Cut at Manchester Art Gallery

13. An old issue of Frankie for my train entertainment back to London. 14. Article on my beloved Peckham in the Evening Standard, it is no longer a well kept secret which makes me quite sad!

15. My very first handmade wreath (blogged here) 16. Beautiful handmade Christmas card from a talented friend.

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  1. What a fun few weeks! I'm curious, what is in a "Christmas sandwich?"

    1. Ohh its the best, there is turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, spinach, mayo and crispy onions. Soooo good but only tastes nice in December :)

  2. Apparently The Times has called Peckham the new Shoreditch... I hope this doesn't mean a price hike next year :(

    1. Yeah I read that. I keep worrying about rent increase, ours is due in March and with the opening of the overground, we're doomed!!


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