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Anna has featured loads of great ideas over on her blog for things to do for todays #ShareAdvent but I've been umming and arring for a while over what I want to subscribe to, there's just too much choice! I love magazines but I have a very short attention span, my interests flit between food, sewing, crafts, photography to name a few so I feel committing to one particular subscription would only be beneficial for a couple of months  - I'm also trying to tighten the ol' purse strings so best to avoid this one!
I've decided that I want 2013 to have more of a focus on my blog and developing my crafty skills and ONE DAY opening up an Etsy shop (IT WILL BE DONE!). Anna gave me the idea of simply signing up to Hellocotton which for me is a step in keeping on top of blogs I follow (I currently use Google Reader but I love the layout and features on Hellocotton, it has much more to offer) and keeping inspired with other peoples amazing skillz.
Does anyone else use Hellocotton? If you want to follow me my page is here


  1. I currently use Bloglovin but find it a bit buggy sometimes - the android app is particularly bad! I might switch to Hellocotton if it looks better.

    1. I never really got on with Bloglovin, I've always liked Google Reader but it is quite boring to look at - and you don't really get to see the layout of peoples blogs. Im still getting my head around Hellocotton, some good features - especially for finding new blogs but I'm not quite sure about importing my current blog roll. I find I sign up to all these things but then stick with the old faithful.
      I really like the Feedly app for my phone, they recently changed the layout and it looks really nice - worth a look into anyway :)

  2. The reason I like Hello Cotton is because they have a really active team promoting the blogs and updating the featured pages and you get a little snippet of posts so you can skim through quite quickly to find things you want.

    There are SO many choices though and like you, I find myself signed up to loads of things I never use.

    Really looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop! We should have a little launch party-meet-up or something!!? xx

    1. Ohhh what a great idea! Certainly given me a boost to get everything done :) xx


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