Today's #ShareAdvent is to reread your favourite book. I don't really have a favourite book, or when I think I do it changes very quickly, far too indecisive. However, I do seem to have a selection of books/authors I turn to depending on what mood I am in. 
For #ShareAdvent I have decided to reread Just Kids by Patti Smith, the first time I picked this book up I read it so quickly I felt like Johnny 5. Every time I have read it since I get a completely different feel from it and pick out certain points which passed me by the previous times. I like to read this book when I'm feeling impatiently creative, like I want to do everything right now, right this second. I like to read it when I feel like I haven't got enough skills to do certain things because this book reminds me (however cheesy it sounds) that hard work and constant practise pays off. Everyone has to start somewhere, just like Patti did. Soppy I know but if you haven't read this book, I cannot recommend it enough.

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