Todays #ShareAdvent was to go to a craft fair, which annoyingly I didn't get chance to do. I'm hoping to make it along to the The Crafty Fox Market in Brixton tomorrow but in case I don't I thought I would put together a small list of bits from Etsy (I kinda stole the idea from Anna at Skin and Blister...shhh). I gave myself a budget of £50 which is dreaming a bit high on the run up to Christmas but you know, dream big.
So, from my virtual craft fair I bought...

This BEAUTIFUL calendar print by Little Canoe. I love the font and the colours so much and I love any kind of print/stationary with vegetables on so I was completely won over when I saw this.

I love this Orion constellation embroidery kit, such a good idea. I never would have thought of this and would make a great present...if I could part with it.

Look at these cute illustrations! I saw this tea towel and thought of Steven straight away for having my tea ready on the table when I get home from work (sometimes...) ha!

I've been wanting some recipe cards for a while and these ones are perfect, simple but well designed. I'm a sucker for Kraft paper crafts!

And finally this handmade wrapping paper is so beautiful I think I would rather frame it then give it away, or just wrap my own presents up in it. Read the process of how its made on their Etsy page, this is very special wrapping paper!

Hope you liked my virtual craft fair picks...I just wish I could actually afford to buy them all!


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