Blimey, I don't know where this week has gone! It seems to have disappeared in a haze of food, booze and dancing.
We had our works Christmas party on Thursday with the theme being 'Back to School' and I went as an art teacher, I wish I could dress like that all the time so very comfy and I spilt so much drink down me no one even knew!

On Saturday two of my lovely friends from Brighton came to visit for a Christmas filled day. Obviously we went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park first but actually we were pretty disappointed - it's not very Christmassy at all, it seems they have just put XMAS in front of everything 'XMAS grill, XMAS pub, XMAS noodles' I didn't take any photos as we left pretty quickly. Three twenty somethings might not be the intended target market though...
We then headed to the Southbank for food and nothing says Christmas more then Mexican food! We went to the Wahaca Southbank Experiment - 8 recycled shipping containers made into a restaurant.
There was a small wait but after we visited the bar, ordered some amazing mocktails with chips and dip and looked over the Christmas market on the Southbank, we were soon called to our table.
I know Wahaca is a small chain, but it's a good chain. The food is good and they are very attentive and my two friends are vegan which they catered to very well - including an almond milk hot chocolate. 
I ate the pulled pork burrito which was amazing and I had every intention of ordering a dessert but I was too full, which surprised me quite a lot! It's only there for 18 months so make sure you visit before it goes.

Our (turning-out-to-be-not-so) Christmas filled day ended with seeing the lights on Oxford Street and a trip to Liberty's Christmas department, perfect!

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  1. Keep meaning to check this out, have only eaten from their van before. The size of that burrito!


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