EastStreet Restaurant iphone
On Wednesday night we decided that after buying some thermal clothes for our Berlin trip next week (didn't really think through just how cold it would be in January...) that we should go and get pizza from our favourite place. We walked down Oxford Street and turned off one of the little side streets and came across East Street Restaurant. The bright lights from inside were calling us over and after seeing they do two select course for £8.95 before 6, who could resist?
EastStreet Restaurant iphone
EastStreet Restaurant iphone
The interior is really fun and bright with illuminated signs suspended from the ceiling, I liked the little touches - like the map as your place mat and free tea! I ordered goi cuon to start with (pictured), which I really enjoyed, nice fresh flavours and then char kway teow for my main, which was actually a little bit too rich for me. I spied on the food of the people sitting next to us and his rice dish looked very tasty. I was also very tempted to nick a thai cracker but I refrained.
I always find it quite difficult thinking of places to eat when out and about on Oxford Street (that isn't a tourist trap) so I think I will definitely be back at some point to try something else.
EastStreet Restaurant iphone

I took these pics on my iphone, I really wish I had my camera on me though as the colours in the restaurant are so bright and attractive, hopefully next time!

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  1. This looks a cool place and free tea is a winner! I went to Berlin in Jan a few years ago and it was cooold - but brilliant! hope you have fun x


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