So far, 2013 has mainly been filled with a lot of 9-5 work and trying to re-gain some kind of balance between fun stuff and work stuff. I don't understand how Christmas can mess up your routine so much!? Anyway, I still thought I'd share what my iphone has captured over the past two weeks, even if its not the most exciting!

1.New Years Eve spent partying with Ke$ha... 2. ...Dressed as Zooey Deschannel (I have a fringe, easiest costume I could think of) and Elvis Costello, he looks straight out of Mad Men!
3. My new favourite drink, perfect with a squeeze of lime! 4. New recipe card, blogged here, I don't usually regurgitate blog stuff but I was pretty darn pleased with it  
5. + 6. For some people, January means healthy eating...I seem to be eating more of the good stuff, something has to get me through this cold weather!
7. A sunny walk along Regents Canal 8. Reading through Swedish Photography magazines from 1945, crazy things.
9. Happy milkshake face 10. Valentino exhibition at Somerset House, if anyone else has been, I would love to hear what you thought of it...I wasn't so sure?
Hope you have a lovely weekend! 

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