Lunch times at work are always a tricky one, one golden hour to do whatever you want with. All morning I count down the hours till 1 o clock, thinking of all the places I could go or thinking through what we will eat for dinner so I can get the ingredients. Recently, I have got in a bit of a rut of eating beans on toast at my desk whilst catching up with Made in Chelsea but yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day in London that I couldn't resist venturing outside.

I have worked in Camden for 2 years now and when I first started, I explored the area every lunch time, whether it was eating my lunch on Primrose Hill (mainly so I could walk past the bakery and get a bun), or go for a walk around Regents Park. I know how lucky I am to work in an area that has both shops (Morrisons, you have all my money), and open green fields and how could I not mention Camden market, which people flock from alllll over the world to see. Believe me, Camden tube station is toooooo small for tourists (stand on the RIGHT).

I took myself off for a walk down Regents Canal yesterday and I'm so glad I did, the sun was shining, the narrow boats were all lined up and I definitely forgot about work for a good half an hour. When I got back to my desk I felt so refreshed that I spent the afternoon day dreaming about day trips, so ended up booking one to Paris! What a way to beat the January blues!

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