paint brush holder

I've got in to a terrible habit (again) of just pinning things I like and never looking/making/baking anything I have pinned on to my lovely boards. Over the weekend whilst we were snowed in, (if you didn't already know...) I made a new paint brush holder...well...I painted a tin. I've been meaning to do it for a while, I have been putting off buying new brushes because I have no room for them and that just isn't right!
It was so simple to make, you just need a clean tin, a brush and paint- I used some acrylics I had laying around. It probably took a total of half an hour including in between drying time and I'd probably recommend about three coats of paint so it doesn't look patchy. I think I'll make a couple more for my pens, better get eating them beans!


  1. This is fab!! Definitely going to give this a go! :-) x

  2. Nice idea! Another easy tin project is to crochet a little stripey sleeve for them (literally just a rectangle of crochet stichted up). Super easy!

    1. Ooh that is a good idea, thanks for the tip :)


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