Whilst I was resting my back over the weekend, I decided to take the time to make a recipe card I have been meaning to make for ages. We make the Joy the Baker no-knead pizza dough A LOT, like...more then any one should probably eat pizza but I can't seem to remember the recipe. I constantly get the measurements mixed up and then we have to go and look it up because I'm lazy and haven't wrote it down yet, soooo... I made this small recipe card which can can be stuck pride of place on our kitchen wall (only joking...kind of).

I had a lot of fun making this card, I was actually quite surprised how relaxing I found the whole process of planning the layout and then making the actual card. I know it's not perfect and I certainly need LOADS more practise but I'm pretty pleased with it! I think a small collection of them would make a lovely gift (after I have practised more!)

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