This weekend, I went back up north to see my family for a couple of days. I don't think anything could beat getting looked after and having a full Sunday roast WITH sticky toffee pudding and custard made by my mum. Pure luxury.
I always find it a bit strange going back to my home town, I seem to look at it through different eyes then when I lived there. Everything seems to be much smaller then I always thought it was but maybe that's what London does to you!

On Sunday we went for a walk around Normanby Hall, a local stately home type place with plenty to see and do within the grounds, fun fact: Samantha Cameron grew up on the estate.
I haven't been to Normanby Hall since I was about 10 so it was nice to remember some fond memories of day trips in the summer there, not much has changed since either!
I headed back to London this afternoon and thankfully I didn't get snowed in but I don't think I was far off. I love using the couple of hours train ride to switch off and read my book, although why is it when you sit in the quiet coach someone always has a phone conversation?!
Back to work it is for me tomorrow, although I am definitely wishing for enough snow to at least have an extra hour in bed!

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