Living in London I always feel completely spoiled by the amount of good quality exhibitions that are on/coming up, and in January you can't beat having a wander round a gallery even if it is to take shelter from the sideways rain!
I'm mainly drawn towards photography exhibitions but this year I've decided to branch out a bit and try different ones that I wouldn't normally visit. After doing a bit of digging around I've come up with a list of all the ones which have caught my eye.
As of the 30th January, the Design Museum opened Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things which looks at 'key designs that have shaped the modern world'. The pictures on their website look great (OLD STUFF!) and on the 17th February they are holding a Drawing Tour led by a design expert. I love finding out the history and effect of everyday objects. The exhibition is £11.85 (probs a pay day exhibition!) and will be on permanent display until 2015.

I've been meaning to visit the London Transport Museum for ages now, its just every time I go near it there are soooo many tourists there but when the Poster Art 150 - London Underground's Greatest Designs opens on 15th February I will make sure I pay it a visit. I'm really looking forward to seeing the designs that were used over the 150 years and the website says that there is a rare chance to look at nineteenth century letter-press posters, swoon! It costs £15 admission into the museum which is pretty steep BUT this entitles you to unlimited admission for a whole year which is a good bargaining tool I would say, well done TFL.

Naturally, I have to put a photography exhibition in the mix and what an exhibition it is! The National Maritime Museum are showing the work of Ansel Adams until 28th April. As soon as I started learning about photography I was taught about Adams, his landscapes are so beautiful that I can't do him any justice. I really want to go and just sit, and look, and look some more and just take it all in.

When we went to New York just over a year ago we went to MOMA and I think they have a couple of Litchenstein's prints which I remember being completely fascinated by. Sometimes when you see things in real life (as opposed to a computer screen) your opinions change or you like things that you never really thought you had much of an opinion on before. So that's why I want to go and see his retrospective at the Tate Modern, it doesn't start until 21st February so plenty of time to save up the £14 entrance fee (is it just me or has the price of exhibitions suddenly just gone up?! I swear they used to be about £10 and now it seems £14 is the norm!).

The Light Show at the Hayward Gallery is probably not something I would usually be overly bothered about but seen as though I'm trying to push myself into giving things ago I thought this would be a good one to start with. The exhibition presents sculptures and installations using light in different ways, it certainly sounds fun! This one is on until 28th April and costs £11.

Aaaand finally, the National Army Museum have what I assume must be quite a small exhibition on (its held in the corridor) about National Service, the exhibition details the lives for these poor young men and just what they were expected to do. I'm currently reading the Call the Midwife series of books by Jennifer Worth and I have been totally consumed about all the social history in that period of our history, it seems to long ago but it wasn't really, quite frightening. You will be pleased to know entrance to the National Army Museum is free!! I think I'm going to have to do some saving before I can visit all the exhibitions I've mentioned!

I'd love to hear if you think there are any more exhibitions worth visiting...


  1. Great round up. I think the prices have been about £14 for a while. I got a Tate Membership card which I think is well worth the money and it inspires me to go to exhibitions that I might not normally have thought of to make sure I get my money's worth - but I normally always enjoy them. Looking forward to going to the Ansel Adams exhibition and the TFL posters too!

    1. Ohh yeah I might look into a Tate membership, or possibly the Art Pass? Need to stop being lazy and get round to doing it!


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