Happy Valentines Day! Hope you're all having a love-filled day in whatever form takes your fancy.
We celebrated ours last night with pizza, chocolate and Pukka love tea, very tasty!  This post isn't really anything to do with Valentines at all though…sorry!

We seem to be on a bit of a beer hunt at the minute, we've frequented a fair few bars in the past month, which has made quite a nice change from watching Corrie and eating my weight in biscuits (not really, I love Corrie!)
Last week we ventured to Euston for a night out having only ever really been there to catch a train. We met in the Euston Tap which is housed in an old gate lodge, I've seen it a few times and never really thought to go in, actually, I don't even think I thought it was a pub! It is pretty small inside, understandably, but there was a good atmosphere and if you manage to grab a seat its a nice place to spend most of your evening. They have soooo many beers, in bottles and on draft and the staff seemed friendly enough to help with any choices. Opposite the road in the other gate lodge is the Cider Tap, we didn't go in but I'm guessing its kind of the same but focusing on cider, maybe? I love this idea and think its such a great use of an old building which potentially could have been demolished or left empty.

Whilst we were in the area we went to the Wellcome Collection, just across the road to see 'Death, A self-portrait' exhibition. I've never been to the Wellcome Collection before but its such a lovely building and its FREE to get in. The exhibition is definitely worth a visit, which ends on the 24th so hurry!

Who knew going out in Euston could be so much fun?!


  1. The Wellcome Collection is my favourite museum, ever. Their exhibitions are always so good! If you like body parts you should visit the Huntarian Museum in Holborn - it's amazing!

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip, will check that one out!


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