Brooklyn Feast
Last night we went to Brooklyn Feast in East London, 8 beers, 8 street food trucks. After going to FEAST on Sunday, I thought I might be a bit 'foodied' out but I was craving one of Spit and Roast's chicken burgers so was more then happy to go. The idea of the evening, I think, is great, a chance to try 8 of Brooklyn Brewery's beer (most of which you can't seem to find anywhere over here) and eat loads of food, win! Prior to the event they released a food pairing menu suggesting which beers to drink with which street sellers food.
The tickets cost £6 and this included a free beer and a value of £3.50 for any food stall, which I think was pretty decent of them to include all of that for six quid.
Brooklyn Feast
Like I said though, the idea of the evening is great but in practise I'm not sure if it really worked and I really really wanted it to. I think it may have just been down to lack of organisation/too many tickets sold but they opened an hour late which isn't a massive deal but the sun certainly wasn't shining and hanging around in Dalston isn't top of my list of things to do in London. We found that once you got to the bar (20 minute wait) the bar staff didn't actually know anything about the different beers they were serving which was a real let down and they had no change, which actually resulted in Steven getting a free beer (why am I moaning?!). After about an hour or so the queues for the food trucks were huge and the layout of the trucks and bar meant that everyone congregated in one area so it was just a mass of queues.
Brooklyn Feast
It probably sounds like I'm just having a bit of a moan but I thought it would run a bit smoother then it did (a bit more like FEAST where there never seemed to be more then 3 people queueing). Saying that though, the food was amazing, I finally had a Big Apple Hot Dog and a slider from Spit and Roast and Steven was really impressed with the other beers he tried, especially Brooklyn Blast! Definitely worth the £6 entry fee and if they put another one on, I'd recommend getting there early!
Brooklyn Feast
After two street food events in 3 days I guess its salad for the rest of the week now...

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