So the first week of my new job is done, I love it! It feels so good to be learning things again and working for a company that gives us Easter eggs (!!)
Although I really enjoyed it, this week has completely took it out of me and I'm still trying to figure out my blogging time and craft time all that stuff so please bare with me for a little bit till I get sorted.

I think I must have timed it perfectly starting a new job with 4 days off at the end of the week, plenty of time to recharge and do all the things I've been meaning to do for a while. I had planned to spend today catching up on some sewing but the sun is shining so brightly that I don't think I can resist heading out into London. Saying that though, I've been up for over an hour and can't seem to move myself from my bed...so who knows how this day is going to pan out.

The lovely people from my previous job bought me some very thoughtful leaving presents that I wanted to share with you. The first being a voucher for this amazing craft workshop place, I've been wanting to learn how to knit for ages now (and I learn much better when someone is showing me rather then watching videos) so I think this is the perfect opportunity to take on a new craft. I was also gifted this very useful book which I would recommend to any Londoner. Everything is organised by area and after reading some of the write ups of the places I've already been to, they are very honest in what they have to say.

Hope you all have some lovely plans for this long weekend, we have a stack of chocolate to get through so I'm sure that will keep us busy!

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  1. I've always wanted to do a knitting workshop. I already know how to knit but I would love to learn how to do some fancier things!


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