Crikey, I can't believe we are now into April, where does the time go? Seriously though...where does it go?!
March brought plenty of fun and a little bit of change, I got a new job (if you didn't know after the tenth time of mentioning it on here...) and we visited Paris in a day (take me back!). We had family come to visit which brought touristy fun in my favourite city and we ate plenty of delicious food but now I think I must have put about a stone of weight on especially after the amount of Easter chocolate we ate this weekend!
It feels good starting April with a bank holiday, it means I can get organised and get planning for the rest of the month (which will include the opening of my Etsy shop) and hopefully April will bring some much needed warmer weather because the gale blowing outside is really not welcome here, take the hint!
Covent garden, LondonCovent Garden

I spent the long weekend catching up on sleep, TV programmes I had missed, reading, sewing, stuffing my face and occasionally changing out of my pyjamas and venturing outside if I really had to. On Saturday, I had arranged to meet Steven after he finished work so we could go for some drinks so I thought I would make the most of the day in central London by going to the Transport Museum to see the 150 years of the tube exhibition. Hmm...now I read that back I realise what a fool I must sound...attempting to visit a museum in the afternoon, on Easter weekend, in London... Foolishly I turned up to find a queue of about 100 mums and dads all with about 5 kids each waiting in line just to get through the door to the museum. Safe to say I didn't hang around and put Plan B in to action...errmm...wander around until I find fun things to do.
Comic book galleryComic book gallery
I came across Orbital Comics who have a (very) small gallery towards the back of the shop, it was a nice save haven to get away from the masses of tourists and I always love seeing sketches of work before the final pieces, there are so many comics in here too, it was nice to have a wander round somewhere I wouldn't usually go in to.
Nordic Bakery cinnamon bun
I wandered up past Leicester Square and came across the Nordic Bakery, after seeing the delicious looking cakes and pastries in the window I couldn't resist going in to try one of their hot cinnamon buns, which was so bloody good I can't stop thinking about it. I whiled away a fair bit of time in here, its a very peaceful place to sit and gather your thoughts on a Saturday afternoon. After this I ventured up to Liberty to swoon over their fabrics and ended up in John Lewis allowing myself to buy a new embroidery floss (Anchor 257 if you're interested, my favourite for leaves!). I finished the wandering off with a visit to Gelupo (as recommended by Michelle from My Creative) with a blood orange and bitter chocolate cone, which was so creamy and indulgent, I can't wait to go back!
Thankfully the day turned out to be pretty good in the end, still need to face that queue to get in the Transport Museum though!!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and ate plenty of chocolate :)


  1. I tried to go to the transport museum once too, a few weeks ago on a Saturday I think. I made it as far as the gift shop! Who would have ever thought that people would queue for ages just to learn about the history of transport!

  2. Ooh my two favourite places. That bitter chocolate is out of this world! We went to the exhibition at the Transport Museum the other day. It was a good exhibition if you can try for another time. Maybe just go and buy a ticket during a lunch break or after work one day and then go another to see it (once you have a ticket I don't think you have to queue again - though I might be wrong).


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