Cue the trumpets and streamers....I've only gone and opened my Etsy shop!
I feel like I've been dwelling on this idea for far too long now so on Sunday I decided that enough is enough and to just open it (with the idea that I'll analyse it for a week and make tweaks to everything...) but then someone went and bought a card!! My first Esty sale, within one day of opening, without even telling anyone! Chuffed doesn't even cover it (thank you if you are reading).
I'll be selling hand stitched goods, all designed by me and all made with my own fair hands.  I've currently only got a few cards in my shop but the plan is to add new bits as and when I make them to keep it fresh and (supposedly) stress free. I'll do little updates on here to let you know when I've been feeling pretty productive.
Here's a little grab of my shop where you can pop over and have a look at the pictures in better detail, I'll happy take custom orders too so if you have anything in mind then please send me an email.
I know I won't be making my millions from this but I love making cards when I get home from work so I figure why not give selling them a go. If I could just ask for you to bear me in mind when you are looking for a card for that upcoming wedding or your mums/friends/aunts birthday I would very much appreciate it.


  1. Congratulations! I can't wait to get my shop on, everything looks so beautiful!

  2. Congrats! They're looking good :)

  3. How exciting! I'm off to have a browse around now. I'm sure you'll be flooded with sales!!


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