Exmouth Arms
We're always on the look out for new places to have a tipple in so when I came across a recommendation for the Exmouth Arms somewhere on the internet we had to give it a go.
Exmouth Arms
The pub isn't overly huge but plenty of tables available late afternoon (it started filling up quite rapidly after 5 though). There's plenty of bottled beers to try and a few on tap, I gave the Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier a try and loved the banana flavour it has.
Exmouth Arms
The food menu looked pretty irresistible, so we gave the sliders a go, 3 for £6.50 which were filling and tasty, weren't so keen on the skin on chips though...they tasted a bit too potatoey? But that's certainly not a reason not to go! Its definitely a great pub to have an afternoon drink in, I'd recommend a visit if you're in the area (you can also stop by Gail's bakery which is just next door!)
Easter drink Exmouth Arms


  1. Hi Jo - where is the Exmouth Arms?

    1. Oops, missed the link off! http://www.exmoutharms.com/
      Its up near Farringdon way x


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