Now that the sun has decided to make an appearance its time that I think about losing this winter jelly around my stomach, I just eat and eat and eat when the weather is cold and the most exercise I get is that weird walk/run thing to the train station in the morning. I've been looking around some of my favourite blogs for inspiration so thought I would share some tasty looking and healthy (ish) recipes I've come across.

One website that I always check for food inspiration is Spoon Fork Bacon. Their recipes look so bloody good, like, all of them, all the time and I always end up reading it just before my lunch which makes my leftovers look pretty miserable. I know that when I'm trying to eat a bit healthier I hate eating foods that are overly healthy and end up making me think of pizza because I will get bored and eat the biggest pizza I've ever seen (with fries). I think it works best for me when I eat foods that are potentially bad for me but made healthy.
I found this Spicy Black Bean Burger on Spoon Fork Bacon's website when routing through their recipe index and although it is one of the standard veggie dishes wherever we seem to go, its that bit nicer making burgers at home. I would love to come home to a spicy black bean burger with some homemade sweet potato fries, I mean salad.

As I was thinking about recipes I had seen floating around on the internet the other day, I found that lovely Christina had linked this beautiful blog on Twitter and low and behold I discovered my new favourite blog. The First Mess is really really inspiring, the photographs, the words, her. I love the sound of the salad Laura posted on Monday, chickpea, spring onion + tuscan kale salad, roasted veggies in salads are my fave and make me feel like its a bit heartier.

This lovely looking frittata from Love and Lemons is definitely a 'working late, can't be bothered to cook' kind of dish. Just add loads of veggies in and have a nice salad on the side, easy peasy!

About a month or so ago, Elsie and Emma posted a simple snack on A Beautiful Mess which I can't get out of my head, these tasty looking parmesan and wasabi edamame beans. Although having parmesan in a recipe isn't exactly healthy, I'm sure it could be substituted for something that is, or you could even just reduce the amount that you put on. I think these would make the perfect snack whilst watching a film on Saturday night, like a healthyish treat snack? Better then that massive bag of crisps I would usually have anyway...!

This chipotle bean chilli with baked eggs from BBC Good Food is definitely one I'd like to make when we have people over, such a simple crowd pleaser and I love bean chilli, actually I love beans full stop, in everything! They are so good for you too, we don't eat meat in our house because Steven is veggie so beans come in handy for all kinds of meals. I'd definitely have to serve this with some home made guacamole and tortilla chips on the side.

Finally, I wanted to share these 'energy balls' from Amanda's blog. They would definitely come in handy in the afternoon at work- when you nearly start nodding off and they're better then reaching for a chocolate digestive! Will definitely have to give these ago, they are packed with some much needed good nutrients.

Hope this was helpful, would love to hear if you have any favourite healthy recipes that will keep me away from pizza!


  1. Definitely need to like this post on bloglovin to remember to come back and make some of these. I read it as I was wolfing down a chocolate chip cookie and was reminded that I'm meant to be eating healthy too. Woops! Thanks for the ideas.
    Ok now I am actually going to get back to work.
    Clearly I have no self discipline whatsoever.

    1. Yeah I posted it as I was eating a massive brownie...already failed!
      I'm just going to keep saying 'But it's Friday!' all day so that means I can do what I want, right? x


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