Not really a very exciting post but since we got back from Spain on Monday all I've been doing is staring at a computer screen all day (work) and all night (editing wedding pictures), I haven't even caught up on any of my favourite TV programmes! 
I'm finding the whole process of editing them down faaairly simple so far, I've made plenty of folders with sub folders of folders and more folders in that so I make sure I don't miss anything out. I'm not really sure if there is a better way of doing it, what do you think? I just wanted to share a few little taster pics of very cropped details of the day (I don't want to share any of the full size pics before the bride see's them...and I know she will be reading!)

I know I mentioned it in my last post but I keep thinking about how much I miss this whole process of taking photos for a purpose, the whole thing is just so enjoyable (granted, its pretty stressful too) but I really am enjoying it much more then I ever did during my last year at uni..probably because I know I don't have to write a whole essay on the images after!!
Have you ever taken pictures at a wedding or for an event? I'd love to know your editing process if you have.
Hopefully I'll have them finished in the next couple of weeks and once the bride and groom approve I'll post them on here. Then I'm sure I'll be on the hunt for my next photo taking opportunity, exciting!



Spain 2013
Just a few pics from our week in Spain, back at work today so feeling pretty glum looking back at them- the week just flew by! 
It was really nice to see old friends - and make new ones of course and have a week of eating pretty much non stop (my stomach still thinks its on holiday today!). 
The whole week was building up to our friends getting married on Saturday which was a lovely day with plenty of sun, tears and laughter. They asked me to be their photographer (yikes!) which was the first serious photo taking I've done since being at uni so I was pretty nervous. I think it went well though, the sun was so bright which caused a few squints here and there but I'm looking forward to editing them down and getting a strong set of pictures together.  I forgot how much I enjoy taking pictures for a purpose (not just of everyday life stuff), I certainly think University can stifle your passions when that's all you do every day, all day for 3 years. Anyway, will share the pictures when I've finished with them and would appreciate any feedback! 
For now, just a few pics from the little moments in between wedding stuff...

Spain 2013
Spain 2013
Spain 2013
Spain 2013
Spain 2013



We're heading off to Spain today for a whole week of fun in the sun - and to see our friends tie the knot of course! I'm just ignoring that the weather forecast says its going to rain tomorrow, all day. Yay. 

See you in a week! 



On Monday we're lucky enough to be jetting off to Spain for a week for our friends wedding. It's been nearly 4 years since we've had a beach holiday so to say I'm looking forward to it is a slight understatement! I've been shopping around to get a few new bits and bobs so thought I'd put together a few pieces that caught my eye (and that I wish I could afford!). I chose 3 different looks, one for the day time, one for hanging around the pool and the other for a nice evening stroll along the sea front, sandals in hand (obviously). Ohh how I wish I could afford everything here, internet window shopping is so dangerous!

holiday wears 1



Just a couple of pictures from a day out in York on Saturday. The weather was so wet and windy (of course) which meant there was barely any tourists out.
We went on a pretty depressing boat trip and had a wander round the centre, couldn't quite face the huge queue for Betty's though although I probably could have done with a cup of tea and a slice of cake to make up for the weather! Lovely to see family though so a good day all round!



weekend back home
On Saturday morning I headed back up north for a long weekend visiting family. The sun was shining on Sunday morning so we headed to Hemswell market for a good rummage. Hemswell is one of the largest carboots and Sunday markets in the country, at one point it seemed to be just dodgy dvd sellers and knock off makeup stalls but there was a good mix of sellers there yesterday. I did spot a vintage bag which I picked up for 50p from a charity shop when I was 16 and wore to death been sold for £30 which made me feel a little sick.
Typically the wind and rain came (and persisted) so we took shelter in the antique shops. The market is held on a former RAF station - the indoor market is held in the hangar and the antique shops are housed in the former offices and accommodation buildings. There are some really great bits and bobs in the antique centres, its just room after room of stuff...seriously...loads and loads of stuff. Sometimes there are some bargains to be had and of course there are some heavily marked up bits too. I liked the look of these french milk bottles which I keep thinking about but for £7 each I wasn't sure it was much of a bargain, or even had anywhere to put them!
weekend back home
It was nice to walk around with my mum and step dad though, pointing out things that their mums/grandparents had in their homes (some of it not all that pretty I have to say...). It's a great day out though so if you're in the area (Lincolnshire) its well worth a visit even if you just get a bacon bap.

After facing the rain for the long walk back to the car we popped in to Brandy Wharf - a cider centre, on the way back home. Its actually just a pub with their own brews and plenty more on tap/in bottles, a children's play area, nice food and a few animals kicking about. Its situated right on the canal too so I'm sure it will be a lovely place to visit when the sun is shining, whenever that decides to happen.
weekend back home
We tried a few different ones- all of which were very tasty but my favourite was the strawberry and lime with the blackberry and apple coming in second. Oh and they sold us some of their homemade sausages, pork and scrumpy, bloody good they were too!

The other picture you can see above is of the blanket my mum made for me and gave me yesterday. When they moved house a few years ago she got rid of the baby blanket she crocheted for me and my brother when we were babies, which I was pretty upset about (naturally?) so she has been getting back in to the swing of it. She used every colour she could get her hands on and I love it. Better then any blanket I've bought before.

Wishing I had used my camera to get some pictures of the carboot but the torrential downpour meant I could only get my phone out for 10 seconds at a time!

Hoep you all had a lovely weekend!



I’m happy to announce that I will be a regular contributor to the lovely website; This Is Your Kingdom.  I’ve been an admirer since I heard about it through the grapevine last year and was instantly drawn in with their beautifully designed website and great content supplied from all over the country. The articles they feature really manage to capture the whole feeling of really lovely things to see and do. If you would like you can have a look at my profile here.
I'm definitely going to take advantage of using this opportunity to learn how to write a bit more eloquently and hopefully change up my vocabulary a bit. It will be good to learn some other descriptive words other then 'lovely' and 'nice' to describe things that are lovely and really rather nice! 
There are some other great contributors on there and some really great tips for things to do all over the country, well worth taking a few hours off and reading through with a cuppa.



I'm back! I took a week off from blogging last week, I was feeling a bit uninspired and needed a break to get some ideas and motivation back, I feel good for it too.
The long weekend definitely helped, we headed up to see Steven's family who live in Yorkshire, he has the sweetest nieces and nephews who have the cutest little faces I've ever seen and his mums owns the best dog, who is getting a little old to run around after a stick but he tries his hardest to keep up.
Steven + Skip
Even the drive up only took 3 and a half hours (our longest record has been 5 and a half!).
This is the view out of the bedroom window, not a bad thing to wake up and see everyday!
Sometimes I think we both find it difficult living so far away from our families and not seeing them as often as we'd like - especially because it seems like every time we see the kids they have grown about 5 inches - but getting to see them make as much noise and mess as possible for a whole day is worth it, even if we need to sleep for 12 hours straight to recover!
Meet Lamby, her best friend for the whole day!
Look at that little cheeky face!
After giving me a daisy, he dug up a weed - with soil and root, especially for me too.

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend enjoying the sunshine, don't worry though, only a 4 day week a head of us ;)
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