weekend back home
On Saturday morning I headed back up north for a long weekend visiting family. The sun was shining on Sunday morning so we headed to Hemswell market for a good rummage. Hemswell is one of the largest carboots and Sunday markets in the country, at one point it seemed to be just dodgy dvd sellers and knock off makeup stalls but there was a good mix of sellers there yesterday. I did spot a vintage bag which I picked up for 50p from a charity shop when I was 16 and wore to death been sold for £30 which made me feel a little sick.
Typically the wind and rain came (and persisted) so we took shelter in the antique shops. The market is held on a former RAF station - the indoor market is held in the hangar and the antique shops are housed in the former offices and accommodation buildings. There are some really great bits and bobs in the antique centres, its just room after room of stuff...seriously...loads and loads of stuff. Sometimes there are some bargains to be had and of course there are some heavily marked up bits too. I liked the look of these french milk bottles which I keep thinking about but for £7 each I wasn't sure it was much of a bargain, or even had anywhere to put them!
weekend back home
It was nice to walk around with my mum and step dad though, pointing out things that their mums/grandparents had in their homes (some of it not all that pretty I have to say...). It's a great day out though so if you're in the area (Lincolnshire) its well worth a visit even if you just get a bacon bap.

After facing the rain for the long walk back to the car we popped in to Brandy Wharf - a cider centre, on the way back home. Its actually just a pub with their own brews and plenty more on tap/in bottles, a children's play area, nice food and a few animals kicking about. Its situated right on the canal too so I'm sure it will be a lovely place to visit when the sun is shining, whenever that decides to happen.
weekend back home
We tried a few different ones- all of which were very tasty but my favourite was the strawberry and lime with the blackberry and apple coming in second. Oh and they sold us some of their homemade sausages, pork and scrumpy, bloody good they were too!

The other picture you can see above is of the blanket my mum made for me and gave me yesterday. When they moved house a few years ago she got rid of the baby blanket she crocheted for me and my brother when we were babies, which I was pretty upset about (naturally?) so she has been getting back in to the swing of it. She used every colour she could get her hands on and I love it. Better then any blanket I've bought before.

Wishing I had used my camera to get some pictures of the carboot but the torrential downpour meant I could only get my phone out for 10 seconds at a time!

Hoep you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Love that warren-like antique market. Looks like you might have even stumbled on a bargain!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  2. £2.10 for a bacon bap AND a coffee? You really can't argue with out-of-London prices.


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