Not really a very exciting post but since we got back from Spain on Monday all I've been doing is staring at a computer screen all day (work) and all night (editing wedding pictures), I haven't even caught up on any of my favourite TV programmes! 
I'm finding the whole process of editing them down faaairly simple so far, I've made plenty of folders with sub folders of folders and more folders in that so I make sure I don't miss anything out. I'm not really sure if there is a better way of doing it, what do you think? I just wanted to share a few little taster pics of very cropped details of the day (I don't want to share any of the full size pics before the bride see's them...and I know she will be reading!)

I know I mentioned it in my last post but I keep thinking about how much I miss this whole process of taking photos for a purpose, the whole thing is just so enjoyable (granted, its pretty stressful too) but I really am enjoying it much more then I ever did during my last year at uni..probably because I know I don't have to write a whole essay on the images after!!
Have you ever taken pictures at a wedding or for an event? I'd love to know your editing process if you have.
Hopefully I'll have them finished in the next couple of weeks and once the bride and groom approve I'll post them on here. Then I'm sure I'll be on the hunt for my next photo taking opportunity, exciting!


  1. Those photos are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the full ones - the brooch is incredible!

    1. Thanks Katie! Working my way through the rest of them...taking a fair while!!


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