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How was your weekend? 
I feel like my head is still spinning from everything I did this weekend, it was packed full of fun and so much food, I had the best time. On Friday we went to our first rooftop cinema experience at the Bussey Building in Peckham, a couple of friends friends couldn't make it so we managed to avoid the £12 entry fee and enjoyed an evening of drinks, burritos and Waynes World. Luckily the weather held out for us and the sky looked amazing as the sun set, the view over London looked so good and we had a great time snuggled up under blankets watching the film.

rooftop cinema


On Saturday I arranged to meet my friend and the V&A to see 'David Bowie is...' She has a membership card so managed to get in for free for that too (love a freebie!) The exhibition was great, full of letters, photographs and music that made me want to dance all the way around. We've got tickets to go see it in July with my family so really looking forward to seeing all the bits I missed as it was so busy. It also made me a bit sad that no one was really into the music, not one toe was tapping or humming along - except us!

jamie olivers diner

Afterwards, so my friend and I could have a good catch up we went and and tried Jamie Oliver's new pop diner just off Piccadilly Circus, being in such a high profile tourist area really should have rang alarm bells, the food was bland and the service was very forgetful. Not to mention the amount of times we were blasted with cold air because they sat us under the air conditioning! I ordered the veggie burger which was so tasteless and crumbly and had so much strong mustard in I could barely eat it! Wouldn't really recommend it but there is a hot dog takeaway diner below the restaurant which might be worth a try if you're in the area.


To recover from our disappointment we took ourselves off to Graphic bar where we finished off the evening with cocktails in paint cans. I loved the whole atmosphere in here and the DIY slider menu looked very appetising! Highly recommend visiting this bar if you're a gin lover.



And that was just my Friday and Saturday!


  1. the sky looks so beautiful in the second photo! watching a movie overlooking the city sounds like a perfect night xx

    Little Blue Backpack 


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