It's been a while since we've got in the car and took ourselves out of London for the day, so on Saturday we did just that. We planned a trip to Rye on the South Coast which should have only took an hour and a half to get to...2 hours and 20 minutes later we parked up with me feeling rather hangry so a much needed visit to the fish and chip shop it was!
Rye 2
Although because Steven's a vegetarian and I'm not too good with fish (its a texture thing) we opted for a chips and mushy peas, pure heaven.

We had a lovely walk around Rye, its very small and quaint with lovely little coffee shops, an old sweet shop and a church on the top of a hill. After the busyness of the wedding in Spain and working all week it was so nice to stroll around and feel relaxed.

Rye 3
Rye 7
Rye 15

There was yarn bombs on nearly every lamp post!

Rye 11
Rye 10
I don't know how I resisted not buying any of these

Rye 9
Rye 6
Rye 1

The sun didn't shine for us all day, I think we left it in London so a nice slice of cake at Simon the Pieman's definitely made up for it (banana and walnut and a chocolate fuge and nut brownie)!

Rye 12
Rye 16
Uh-oh, matching stripey shirts, cool.
Rye 14

We finished the trip with a ride to Camber to see the sea but it was pretty cold so a quick photo and then we hopped back in the car to make our way home.

Rye 13

It's definitely nice to escape for a day, is there anywhere you would recommend for a day trip out of London?


  1. I do love Rye and definitely need to make a visit again soon as not been for a few years! Camber sands is such an amazing beach! I can't remember if you have been to Whitstable? Another good day trip. We bought this book for some inspiration:


    1. Ohh thanks for the tip, will take a look at that book. We haven't been to Whistable yet, we went to Deal last year which was lovely so will make sure we go visit Whitstable x


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