I've had a rotten cold brewing since we got back from Spain last week and on Sunday it showed its full force. By Monday there was streaming eyes, constant sneezing and a whole lot of feeling sorry for myself. Having not taken a sick day for nearly a year I was slightly reluctant but figured the girls at work wouldn't appreciate me spreading my germs everywhere! Does anybody else get the awful feeling of guilt when ringing in sick even though you genuinely are ill?!

Usually when I'm at home in the evening or at the weekend there's always something that needs doing, or something that I can always find to do, but on Monday I took the opportunity to catch up on a few things I've recorded on the TiVo box with a box of tissues and plenty of Berocca. I think its the first day this year where I've actually done nothing but watch TV - I even shut my laptop!

I watched the documentary on Erin Blumenfeld, The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women which was on BBC 4 whilst we were on holiday. I don't think its still available on iPlayer but if they show it again, its worth a watch.
At one point Blumenfeld was one of the world's highest paid fashion photographers and has shot more covers for Vogue then any other photographer, ever. Its amazing what a career he had to say he survived two world wars. I love just how successful he was with his commercial work but it seemed clear from the documentary that his real passion lied in his personal art photography. It was also interesting to learn that his style soon became outdated in the 60s and at age 73 he deliberately induced a heart attack by running up and down the Spanish steps in Rome.

I really can't imagine what it would have been like at the time, producing cutting edge images that caused such a stir, how exciting it must have been to be around when these styles were developing.

As I was watching it made me think how easy it is to be swept away with todays styles, technology and standards that taking it back to the pioneers who did this first with limited resources will teach everyone out there today a little something.


  1. A lovely post Jo. I've heard about him and think we can learn a lot about his willingness to step away from convention.

    Hope you feel better soon

    x Elena

    1. Thanks Elena! On the mend now, still feeling a little sorry for myself though, ha! x


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