The whole of last week seems like a blur to me, I seemed to be so busy my feet barely touched the ground, which is why a visit to my mums was much needed by the end of the week.
Typically this weekend just flew by and was over way to quick for my liking- I even had Friday off! I barely took any photos either which I'm slightly regretting but I guess that's what this blog is here for.

On Thursday evening we slogged out the 4 and a half hour journey back up North to tie in a visit to the dentist with visiting my family, where we had a bbq, so much food and plenty of wine followed by a dip in the hot tub (the luxuries of visiting parents aye!) After weekends like this it makes living so far away really difficult!

On Saturday we headed over to our friends house in Leeds for a Greek themed birthday party (as she is now an honorary Greek since marrying her husband) where we drank and ate way into the early morning. I can still smell the ouzo now, blurgh! We don't often get to visit friends when we're back home as we need to fit in family time but it was so nice getting to catch up and meet new people. It makes me sad that we don't really have chance to do it more often.

We did the long drive back on Sunday afternoon which in 30 degree heat was a bit much but we made up for it with an ice pop when we got back followed by an evening of TV and relaxing. Family, friends and food, can't beat it! What did you get up to?

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